Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hello y'all. It has been a long, busy and fun summer. We are sad to see it go but on the bright side, Gainesville is starting to cool down. I'm not going to lie, I probably won't miss the blistering heat. But enough of that. We're not here to talk about the weather.

Everything is quiet here in Bored in the USA land. I'm working on a few projects but nothing solid yet. Post Teens world has been somewhat busy though. We will be putting out a split, one sided, flexi with Mauser(one song each, limited to 500) for The Fest 11, through our good friends at Sound Study Recordings. They might be passing these things out during The Fest so I'm not too sure how long they'll last.

We have also been writing some new songs and hope to at least demo them if not record an LP before the end of the year. I will post more once we get it. In the mean time, we have some shows coming up around Florida with the likes of Grabass Charlestons(listen to track off their new album here),Big Eyes, Audacity(check out their new album, Mellow Cruisers. So Good!) and more. Come hang out if you can and support these people when they come through your town.

October, 28th - Gainesville, FL(The Fest) @ The Backyard w/ Sonic Avenues, Tubers, SENDERS, Rose Cross and a lot more awesome bands.

November, 9th - Orlando, FL @ The Peacock Lounge w/ Grabass Chalestons and more.

November, 10th - De Leon springs, FL @ The Junkyard w/ Grabass Chalestons and more.

November, 11th - Gainesville, FL @ The Atlantic w/ Big Eyes, Audacity and Rose Cross.

More shoes TBA

We plan on doing more weekend trips in the near future. So if you'd like us to play your town/venue, hit us up. Bye for now.