Friday, July 16, 2010

Almost Ready!

Welcome to the Bored in the USA website. I will be posting everything I will be putting out, on this website. We have a few things on our plate already. Starting with the first in a series of Four Way split tapes:

The first tape will feature four Gainesville Bands that are ruling shit right now(at least in our town):

St. Dad(Local creeps wrecking shit like Hubble Bubble and The Screamers)
Partial People(Reverb soaked, perverted, punk gems)
Post Teens(They Love Lookout Records!)
The Ex-Boogeymen(Punk and Rockabilly influenced Deathrockers)

I'm just waiting on a few more things. It will hopefully be out in August at some point(no definite date yet).

Up Next:
-Volume 2 in Tape series(4 other bands from around Florida)
-Heart Strings 7''(split release with Amnesian Records)
-Post Teens 7"

If you are interested in any info on the Label, Bands, Releases etc., contact me at: