Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello. I did a small repress of 75 of the Post Teens "demo" tape. So if you were unable to get any of the first pressing, please get in contact with me or the usual places that carry my stuff. This is the Final pressing, so after these run out this release will be out of print!

Post Teens have a few shows coming up. Come hang out:

12/18/11 @ The Atlantic w/ Rose Cross and Sure Charm

1/13/12 @ The Atlantic w/ The Queers!, The Wild and Bone Shakers

1/20/12 @ The Atlantic (WGOT anniversary show) w/ Whiskey & Co., The Boswellians and Hot Tub Comedy.

Thanks to The Atlantic for basically giving us a residency for the next few weeks and for letting us be a part of these awesome shows!

And a non Post Teens show that I am pretty excited about which is also at the Atlantic:

1/10/12 @ The Atlantic: Assholeparade, Coke Bust, Tenement, Disciples of Christ and Teenage Softies.
I guarantee this show is going to be nothing but Bad Ass!

Bye for now. Take care and Happy Holidays!