Thursday, September 16, 2010


We have a few releases in the works and will have a few new things up for sale.

First: Post Teens are recording a new 7" right now. It's going to be 5 new songs and 1 reworked, re-recorded song from the demo session. There is no definitive release date slated yet but we are hoping for late 2010/early 2011. Keep an eye out for that.

Second: We are getting everything together now for a second comp tape. I have a few bands in mind and am trying to get the other ones together. That should also be out by late 2010.

Third: The last release we have planned for now is the debut 7" by Miami, Florida's Heartstrings. No date set for that either but I did get to see them twice this weekend with Post Teens and Partial People and they got me very excited to do this. It's gonna be great!

Within the next few weeks I will have some releases up for sale by some of the bands we work with/friends and local bands. These are some of the things I'll have soon:
-Partial People: 7 song demo tape
-The Ex-Boogeymen: Masters of Ceremony CD.
-St. Dad: Do as I say... 7"

If you are interested in any of that stuff, just email me.

Monday, September 13, 2010

boredintheusa 001

So the tape has finally been released. There are 20 on yellow(tape and layout) that I dubbed at my house for a mini tour of Florida, Post Teens and Partial People just did this last weekend and 100 on Green(tape and layout). I'd like to thank Rick Smith, Jason, Mo, My girlfriend, all of the bands(for their patience) and everyone else that has helped with this thing. If you are interested in buying one, They will be $4 in person or with postage. Email me with your order. Thanks.

Track Listing:
St. Dad
eating old people
- permission
Partial People
- open mouthed kissing
- unmade bed
- get gone
Post Teens
- sewn pleather

- pills
- we don't like you
The Ex-Boogeymen
- don't
- good good thing