Thursday, March 21, 2013

Get It Girl!

                                                                                        photo by: Kendra Mamula

Well, it's been a little too long since the last time we updated this thing. A lot has happened and at the same time, we(Post Teens) have been on a little unplanned hiatus. Our personal lives caught up for a bit. But we are back and ready to do this!

We are playing our first show in 3 months this Saturday in St. Augustine at Nobby's as part of NOBFEST. We are very excited for it and thank Jacob Hamilton for letting us be a part. 

We also have a few shows coming up within the next few months that I will be posting as I find out more information. As well as some tour plans and recording for later on in the year.

So, we had the last Wayward Council show, July of last year. Losing Wayward Council was a pretty big blow to the Gainesville music scene. It was one of the longest running true D.I.Y. spaces here. The first show I ever went to in Gainesville(the day I moved here) was at Wayward. But being part of the final night was a real honor and hands down the best show we've played, to date. Our good friend Kendra Mamula took some pictures of our set that night. I am finally posting them. Thanks Kendra and thanks to Matt Sweeting and Wayward Coucil. We will miss it!