Saturday, August 27, 2011


The Rose Cross and Post Teens tapes are finally available! As usual, you can get them from Vinyl Rites or No Idea Records(within the next few days). Or directly from us.
Both tapes are limited to 100 copies and $4 ppd.
Contact me if you're interested in purchasing one or wholesale prices.

By the way, Good luck to Daniel/Vinyl Rites on the move to Athens, Ga. Go support him and check out his record store if/when you are in Athens, Ga.

Keep an eye out for the Post Teens/Teenage Softies Weekend Tour, September 9th-11th. More details as they come.

Also: a minor change in the upcoming Post Teens 7". It is now going to be a 6 song 7" still slated to be released in October. PT are also working on a 12" record which should be out or at least recorded by the end of the year, followed by lots of touring for the record. I will post more as it comes.

Up coming PT shows:

Friday September, 16th in Gainesville, Fl. @ The Atlantic
W/The Paul Collins Beat, Garbo's Daughter, Averkiou and Rose Cross

Wednesday October, 19th in Gainesville, Fl. @ The Backyard(Boca Fiesta)
W/OFF! and Cerebral Ballzy.

Come hang out.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Post Teens

Post Teens just wrapped up recording this week at Black Bear Studios in Gainesville, Fl. 7 songs(2 brand new and 5 re-recorded) that will come out on two separate releases. The first is a 4 song 7" set to be out by late October on Bored in the USA and Sound Study. The second set are still in the works and will hopefully be out by the end of the year.

Our good friend Amanda Justice made a killer video for one of the songs that will be on the first 7". Thanks Amanda! Here's the video for Fucked Up Perception:

Post Teens--Fucked Up Perception from A Justice on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bored 002/Bored 003

Almost here. I will hopefully be receiving these tapes within the next couple of weeks. In the mean time, I am giving you a little preview. Enjoy!

Post Teens - Cassette(bored 002)

8 energetic, blown out and to the point punk songs in 9 minutes flat. Like running the mile.

1.Bleached Heads
2.When I'm Wasted
3.Crust Lust
4.Got a Problem
5.Sewn Pleather
7.We Don't Like You
Get It!

Rose Cross - Demo(bored 003)

7 songs that will make you pogo along with the singer at the next show. Good Shit!

1.So Bored
2.Sober Nightmare
3.Missing Children
4.Haunted Haus
5.Sleep Alone
6.Life of Crime(Weirdos)
7.You're a Goner
This One Too!