Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holy Shit, I'm Lazy!

Well not really but it has been a long time since my last post. 7 months to be exact. On the bright side I actually have something to post about as opposed to just write an apology of absence or talk about things that I have lined up that don't actually come to light. So...

Within the next few weeks I will be receiving 2 new releases:

Post Teens-CS(Bored 002)
First pressing 100 copies
Pro tape.(50 copies were dubbed in our homes and sold on Tour/sold out)
This tape compiles their first two recorded efforts.

Side A, previously unreleased, is their first recording with "new" drummer Rick Smith, recorded at Bo Diddley's old house(aka 911 house), in the spring of 2010.
1.Bleached Heads(re-worked/extended version)
2.When I'm Wasted
3.Crust Lust
4.Got a Problem

Side B is the songs from their first recording session before the line up shift, recorded at Bo Diddley's old house, in the fall of 2009.
Songs 1-3 originally appeared on the Bored in the USA 001 compilation tape.
Song 4 originally appeared on the Ain't No Shame Vol. 1 compilation LP(along with the original/short version of bleached heads) on Boca Fiesta Records. (still available)
1.Sewn Pleather
3.We Don't Like You

Post Teens live in DC earlier this year
(a Big Thank You! goes to Torche for taking them on tour)

Rose Cross-Demo CS(Bored 003)cover art coming soon!
First pressing 100 copies
Pro tape

Rose Cross are from Gainesville, Florida and have been playing around for a little over a year now. They consist of former/current members of some Florida Hardcore/Punk bands and contain a lot of that raw harsh energy but play some straight forward Rock 'n' Roll(ish) Punk with some well thought out song structures that holds them apart from some of the other bands playing this style these days.

This tape also consists of two separate recording sessions:

Side A contains songs from the first session recorded at Bo Diddley's old house in 2010.
1.So Bored
2.Sober Nightmare
3.Missing Children
4.Haunted Haus
A different mix of these songs appear on a self released cassette(now sold out) that was sold at their shows on a Tour earlier this year.

Side B contains songs recorded at Bo Diddley's old house in early 2011.
1.Sleep Alone
2.Life of Crime(originally by The Weirdos)
3.You're a Goner

Rose Cross Live at Will's Pub in Orlando, Fl.

I will post links to places to purchase these releases as soon as I receive them.

Thanks to the bands and everyone else involved for their patience!

Bye for now.

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