Friday, October 21, 2011

So, once again it has been a while and I have quite a bit to say.

First off. Thanks to Teenage Softies from Orlando, for doing a little weekend trip(tour) with Post Teens, September 9th - 11th. We all had a great time. It was a weekend full of a lot of drinking, front lawn wrestling matches, hungover swimming, sports bars, a set list fire that turned into an explosion and missing arm hair, long hungover drives and of course some great shows. We Hope to do it again in the future!

Second. The Post Teens 7" is Officially out and available through our good buds at Sound Study Recordings. If you don't have a record player and want the tracks, you can download it through them as well(just click that sound study link). It is also up for streaming at Punk News.

We would really like to thank both Sound Study and Punk News for their support.

Third. The Post Teens "Demo" tapes are just about out. I am out of them but you can still get one from No Idea, Sound Study or Robotic Empire. I was actually at No Idea Records today and noticed that they still had 6 copies of the "Bored 001" comp tape which I have been out of since December of last year, so if you would like one, hit them up.

Fourth and Last. Post Teens and Rose Cross are both playing the Fest on Saturday, October 29th. Rose Cross is playing at The Laboratory at 7:10pm and PT are playing(across the street) at 1982 at 8:00pm. Come hang out with us and if you haven't already, grab a tape from Rose Cross. And be sure to check out Averkiou(Jay from PT) and Worlds(Austin from PT), also playing Saturday night and Teenage Softies, on Sunday at Loosey's(Market Street).

Alright, I think I covered everything for the most part. Take care.


Post Teens at North Miami Beach September 10th, 2011.

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