Friday, February 21, 2014

You Don't Say?!?!

Hello Earth! It has been a while. A long while. But we're back and full on truckin'. Well, we at least have a decent amount of plans for 2014. But before I start revealing our darkest secrets, I want to thank the FUTURE VIRGINS for coming down and playing what will probably be one of the best shows of 2014(along with CHILDREN'S CHILDREN, THE CAREENERS and POST TEENS), and everyone that came out and raged very hard with us. Great times!

Our good friend Rose Vastola took a bunch of pictures at the show(including the one up top). Check them out and a bunch of other great pictures here.

So, the first bit of news is big news!

We will be doing a Split 7" with the always great BIG EYES which should be out on NO IDEA RECORDS sometime in the middle of spring! 2 new songs from each band. Can't wait to have those in our hands.

Also coming out sometime in the earlier part of 2014 is a Split 7" with our buddies ROSE CROSS on DEAD TANK RECORDS. 2 songs from RC(sadly, their last 2) and 3(1 new and 2 re-recorded songs from our first demo tape) from PT.

The last bit of news which is also big(at least for us) is that we were asked to play DAMAGED CITY FEST this April in D.C. and we of course said yes. So, we will be heading up there with the almighty SHITSTORM and playing a bunch of shows on the way to and back from. More details to come!

Until then, check our FB page for more shit!

Take Care and GO HEAT!!!


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